Bars are no stranger to salt; Margaritas, Salty Dogs & Tequila Shots all get a decent dose of the stuff. You may have seen flavored or dyed salts, but there are also some amazing varieties of naturally derived salts that add dimension and flavor to cocktails.

Black Lava Salt

We’ll start with my personal favorite, black lava salt. The dramatic color comes from activated charcoal introduced during the evaporation process, which is hailed for its detoxifying properties (does not negate the alcohol in the drink you put it on) and gives the salt a subtle earthy flavor.

Pink Himalayan Salt

You may have seen pink salt lately on cooking shows or in your local grocery store. This trendy seasoning is mined from massive salt deposits and contains trace amounts of iron oxide, giving it it’s faint pink color.

Red Alaea Salt

This is the salt that we use behind the bar at Imurj; and no, contrary to popular belief, it is not spicy! Volcanic clay introduced during evaporation gives Alaea its signature red hue. The mellow taste keeps the salt from overpowering the intricate flavors of top shelf tequila and other liquors.

Now go explore!

We’ve covered three exotic types of salt, but there are still lots more salt varieties to experience. Smoked, infused, gray; get out there and try them all! Now that you know, stop in for a drink and explore our gallery and awesome locally made items by artists in the Local Shop!

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