Mandi Gieselman, Raleigh Designer, illustration

Mandi Geiselman is a graphic designer and illustrator with diverse experience in strategic and visual design across print, web, and mobile media. She owns & operates Ink + Colour, an Illustration and Graphic Design studio based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She completed her Bachelor of Graphic Design from the College of Design at NCSU in 2012 and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Two of the pieces in her series, “SIX LETTERS – a collection of equal & opposite pairs”, are on display in our Main Gallery this month.

Q: How would you describe yourself & your artistic style?
I like to say I’m the world’s best whatever just here making things and stuff. My work reflects the microclimate of humanity that I am a part of, filtered through the warped lens of someone with a wild imagination and chronic anxiety. I aim to create work that doesn’t add more “noise” to the world and instead creates a narrative of positivity or social commentary.

Q: Does local Raleigh/NC culture inspire or influence your art? 
No. Raleigh is where I have lived for some time and I love being an engaged member of the Raleigh community. But when it comes to my work, that is drawn from personal experience and global reflection of culture in a way that transcends location.

Q: What’s your favorite medium to work with & why?
My favorite and primary medium that I work with is ink illustration, including watercolor more often than not. By combining the two, I can accomplish contrast and precision in the inked line work and then soften and enhance the piece with the addition of watercolor. Also, instead of fighting and striving for consistent color, I embrace the inconsistency of tone in my color work to create more depth and beauty in the imperfection.

Q: How would you describe your art that is on exhibit at Imurj?
The works on display at Imurj are two pieces from a larger series titled, “Six Letters” This series features 4 pairs of opposing sentiment, each made up of six letters and a monochromatic color palette. The pair from the series that I chose to feature are “Inhale“ and “Exhale”. 2017, for many of us, has been overwhelming and exhausting and this pair of words serves as a reminder that not only have we made it through this year, but that to continue forth we must remember to breathe. So, they seemed appropriate for a year-end show.