A 2013 study on alcohol references in music determined Grey Goose, Patrón, Jack Daniel’s & Hennessy as the four brands most frequently mentioned in popular music.

Hennessy claimed first place on the list, so here’s a look at 15 songs that name-drop the brand.

#1 Montell Jordan – Somethin’ 4 Da Honeyz

“I call up my crew I tell them bring a brew, and some Hennessy for the beach party”

#2 Xzibit – X

“Hennessy and orange juice baby fill up a cup”

#3 Natalie – Energy (Ft. Baby Bash)

“Your melody is my remedy, lemon squeeze to my Hennessy”

#4 Bob Schneider – Let The Light In

“Put on that old dress and get herself looking real fine, all up in the club drinking Hennessy”

#5 Missy Elliott – 4 My Man (feat. Fantasia)

“Up all night like we been on that ecstasy, mixed wit Hennessy he got the remedy”

#6 Drake – HYFR ft. Lil Wayne

“I learned Hennessy and enemies is one hell of a mixture”

#7 J. Cole – January 28th

“I hope that we remember these nights fulla Hennessy”

#8 Kanye West – Wolves

“Who needs sorry when there’s Hennessy?”

#9 P!nk – You Make Me Sick

“He was getting kinda close, kinda touch-ay cause he had a little too much Hennessy”

#10 LL Cool J – Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv)

“Uh, my scenario is grand, a dime piece, Hennessy up in my hand”

#11 2Pac – Until The End Of Time

“In the end drinkin’ Hennessy made all my enemies envy me”

#12 Lil’ Kim – Drugs

“Fuck the jailhouse, Hennessy on the rocks”

#13 Drake – One Dance

“I need a one dance, got the Hennessy in my hand

#14 Trey Songz – Playin Hard

“My cup is full of Hennessy just me and my Bentley”

#15 Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

“I drink up all the Hennessy ya got on ya shelf, So just let me introduce myself”


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