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Author: Amber E

Imurj Look: Old Soul

Sandra Wimbish is an artist who works with pen & ink, colored pencil, acrylics, mixed media, tile mosaics, and hand-dyed textiles. Wimbish’s work of art, “Old Soul”, is on exhibit in the Imurj Main Gallery exhibit, MONO a MONO. Wimbish discusses her inspirations, her artwork, and her creative process. Q: How would you describe yourself & your artistic style? A: I am an artist and a world traveler who derives much inspiration for my artistic creations from the beauty I see on my treks around the globe—both from the natural world and in the faces of people and cultures...

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Imurj Look: “Meditations of Nature”

  Johnathan Fiero is an photographer and poet. Fiero’s art collection, “Meditation of Nature”, is on exhibit in the Imurj Main Gallery exhibit, MONO a MONO. Fiero discusses his inspirations, his art styles, and his creative process. Q: How would you describe yourself & your artistic style? A: I personally take great interest in the concept of collective knowledge, and deeply believe in living life based off the existentialist thought that life is inherently meaningless, thereby leaving it to the individual to discover or create personal meaning. These two principles permeate my artwork, in that while I draw massive...

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Imurj Look: “Panda in the Rain”

Lidia Churakova is a Russian artist in residence at the Carter building where she is working on a series of portraiture paintings. Churakova’s work of art, “Panda in the Rain”, is on exhibit in the Imurj Main Gallery exhibit, MONO a MONO. Gentile discusses her inspirations, being an artist in the triangle area, and her creative process. Q: How would you describe yourself & your artistic style? A: I am a first generation Russian immigrant, a nature lover, and a tea addict. I lost a dear friend 3 years ago, and since then I’ve been creating paintings that help...

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Imurj Listen: “Oxygen”

Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist , Joey Hall, discusses song “Oxygen” from Love Like Ruby‘s inaugural album Red Notebook.   Q: Describe the composition of Oxygen. What inspired you to write this song? A: Oxygen started out as a completely different song idea. We decided to steal the main riff from that song and transform it into Oxygen. This song definitely has gone through more changes and tweaks then most of the other songs on the album. We changed the lyrics, chord progressions, and who sings what and how they sing it many times. Oxygen is one of our slower and more calm songs, but it’s definitely one of our favorites too. Instrumentally the song is heavily influenced by the 90’s alternative genre. The lyrics in the song came from memories and past experiences that were drawn out by playing and listening to the music.   Q: Describe the recording process of the track. A: We recorded this track for our debut album Red Notebook which was released just over a month ago. We recorded it with Ryan Chabon of Crimson Moon Records at his studio in Raleigh, NC. We actually recorded the drums and the bass guitar of the song in a garage do give it more of that louder bigger type sound. The guitars played together and then the vocals came last. This is one of the...

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Raleigh Music Review: Big Drink Music Co plays Emerald Isle

By: Sheryl Bryant Big Drink Music Co. serves a long tall glass of musical variety to the folks at the shores of Emerald Isle, NC as a part of the summer concert series known as Emeraldfest. Local band Big Drink Music Co. filled July’s final slot of the Emeraldfest Concert series at Emerald Isle on a recent Thursday evening. Big Drink is certainly big on variety. The band’s repertoire quenches the thirst of the classic rock lover, as well as those who are fans of the blues and pop. Getting their gulp on at the shores of Emerald Isle’s Western Regional Beach Access was a large crowd of young and old. Babies and toddlers danced and frolicked alongside retirees and seniors and young couples. The crowd was larger than traditionally seen at past concerts in the Series. Big Drink Music Co. is: Will Baker on guitar and vocals Davis Lott on lead guitar and vocals Jon Wood on bass and vocals Tony Johnston on drums Big Drink Music Co. performed twenty songs from a variety of artists including The Rolling Stones, John Mellencamp, Santana , Allman Brothers, Guess Who, Doobie Brothers , The Clash and more. Davis Lott was absolutely primo on lead guitar and his vocals shone brightly. Jon Wood was powerful on bass, his vocals on several songs were very strong as well. Will Baker was very...

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