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Month: July 2017

Imurj Look: “Lies”

Buffy Cope moved to Raleigh April 2016, before she settled on the Triangle she lived in Massachusetts and Australia. We are lucky to have her artwork in the Imurj Main Gallery for two months, in the current GLOW exhibition and in the MONO a MONO exhibit. Buffy’s piece “Lies” is currently on exhibit. Learn more about the inspiration behind this piece and Buffy’s style. Q: Describe yourself & your artistic style. A: I have always possessed a creative streak even as a young girl. I fondly remember making my own barbie doll clothes, paper doll clothes and/or accessories, Halloween costumes, playing...

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Imurj Look: “TWEED”

Annelies Gentile is an artist, leadership coach, and consultant in Raleigh, NC. Gentile’s work of art, “TWEED”, is on exhibit in the Imurj Main Gallery exhibit, GLOW. Gentile discusses her inspirations, live painting, and her creative process.  Q: Describe yourself & your artistic style. A: I’m deeply inspired by nature, science and patterns. It helps me untangle and explore the creative process itself. I’m driven to understand, share and study through artful experiences; how life functions, expands, grows and can transform our deepest desires and most difficult problems. After many years of producing art for art’s sake, I explore art now as...

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Imurj Look: “PUNKS”

Annette Shope is a visual artist and creativity coach in the Triangle. “PUNKS” is on view in the GLOW exhibit. Shope discusses her inspiration behind the piece, her creative process, and her love for expressing creativity. Q: Describe yourself and your artistic style A: I’m a re-emerging photographer, mixed media artist and a Creativity Coach. Q: Describe your art/piece that is on exhibit at Imurj. A: My piece titled ‘PUNKS’ uses a vintage photograph of mine (which I printed on a transparency for this show) that I took when I was nineteen and in art school. At the time, this punk rock duo was playing at a local college, and during a break I asked them to step outside so I could photograph them. My one regret was not getting their names or the name of the band. The image is timeless. Q: What inspired you to create this piece of art? A: I’ve always loved this photograph and combined with the IMURJ challenge to make a luminous piece of art that would glow under a black light, I was pulled in by the sheer fun of paint blocking and highlighting this strong image. Q: What’s the process of making your work? A: Let’s say it’s organic, can we? A deadline is always a big incentive for me. I usually scan my photo files, stash of art supplies, art books...

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Imurj Look: “Illumination & Flow State”

Molly Chopin is a visual artist living in Raleigh, NC. Chopin’s works of art, “Illumination” & “Flow State”, are on exhibit in the Imurj Main Gallery exhibit, GLOW. Chopin discusses the inspiration for her work, her art career, and the support she has felt as an artist in Raleigh. Q: Describe yourself & your artistic style. A: I’m a former art teacher of the school system who has transitioned into a career as an artist, with specialties in commissioned paintings, murals, and body art. I teach private art lessons as well as painting classes at Pinot’s Palette in Brier Creek. When I am not teaching or working on commissions I enjoy creating personal work inspired from nature, emotional states, or symbolic visions that I receive out of (sometimes seemingly) nowhere. I create with the intent to transmit through my work a representation of human experience that is universal enough to where anyone can find a sense of camaraderie or catharsis. I am strongly drawn to sources of light as inspiration, as well as layering effects of color and texture to where an almost kinetic effect is achieved on the eye. Q: Describe your art/piece that is on exhibit at Imurj. A: “Illumination” is meant to capture the experience of a revelation received— a moment where someone has “seen the light” but not through physical eyes. “Flow State” is meant to capture the ecstatic...

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Imurj Look: The Life Collection

Sepi Safavizadeh is an artist that lives in Raleigh, NC. Originally from Iran, Sepi has been painting since she moved to the United States fifteen years ago. Sepi sat down with us on July 18 to chat about her Life Collection. The Life Collection is on exhibit in the Imurj Cafe until July 29.    Q: Describe the Life Collection. A: I started it as six subjects that matter to me in my life. I wanted to express my feelings on the canvas. These subjects are important to me and I believe they are important in everyone’s life. The first piece I started was Freedom. I came up with this idea of the kite and the bird. The story for me is very simple – they both fly but only one of them flies freely. My style is reflected in strong, bold, colorful abstract painting. I have experimented with different styles but abstract has allowed me to feel more free to paint any idea or any story in my mind on the canvas. The bold colors always make me happy and inspire me. I found a theme for this collection through color selection and life emotions. Each piece uses the same colors and the eye of the bird is carried throughout. The second piece in the collection is Synergy. Synergy came to me as two hearts complimenting each other. I...

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